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Association Of Women Engineers Visits Some Industries In Maiduguri

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By Hadiza Garba, Maiduguri

The Association of Professional Women Engineer, Maiduguri chapter was on on an industrial visitation to some industries within Maiduguri the Borno state capital for capacity building.

Chairperson of the association, Engr Kori Shettima who led the women engineers during the visits was very happy with the quality of products produced at the plastic company.

The team was welcomed by the General Manager, Engr Abatcha Jarawa, who took them round the facility and briefed them on the functions of the various machines and equipment.

Eng.r Jarawa was also happy to announce the partnership with APWEN for campaign against the consumption of hides and skins as food which is popularly known as (Pomo), which is very hazardous and possing a threat to the industry.

According to the Engr, women as those who are directly involved in the affairs of their homes, they will be in the best position to lead the campaign.

A femaIe ITF student attached to the BOPLAS also made a presentation at the occasion.
The Association of Professional Women Engineer team was also at the constitution site of the Custom flyover.

They’re also welcomed by the project Engr, Engr Abba Lawan. He briefed them on the progress of work, constraints and that the 18 months period of completion is achievable despite all the setbacks posed by the covid19 pandemic and other things.

Engr Shettima was very happy with the level of work and engineering aspects of the work.
She also expressed her happiness over the engagement of female engineers.

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