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APC senatorial primary: result of Adamawa southern senatorial primaries Rejected.

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By Yagana Ali

Five out of six aspirant rejected the result of Adamawa southern senatorial primary election that Produce Adamu samaila numan as the party flag bearer in just concluded Apc senatorial primaries have rejected the result.

The aspirant Senator Grace Bens, senator Mu’Allahyidi, Mrs zidon, sani jada and Barr Bala sanga allege that the election committee just allocated result and declare Adamu samaila numan as the winner. The Aspirant said this in joint press briefing in yola.

Barr Bala sanga who spoke on their behave said when the election started they caught Adamu samaila numan agent involved in vote-buying and they rise alarm which makes the officials stop the exercise and they advice that the aspriant should be disqualified.
” vote buying is a criminal offence and one of the agent was caught buying vote at venue of the primary election Hence he is to be disqualified.

According to them after all have agreed to postpone the election process, “we just received a text message that the election will continue by noon Sunday”

While speaking to dandalkura , Mrs zidon said her name and the other aspirant sani jada are not on ballot paper for the primaries.

Reacting to the allegations the party senatorial flag bearer Adamu samaila Numan said there is nothing like vote-buying during the primary election and he did not assign anyone to do so on his behave.
” they are all looser and afraid of losing the election that is why they rise false alarm “.

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