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AI Calls On ICC To Immediately Open Full Investigation Into Killings Committed By Terrorists And Nigerian Military

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Amnesty International has called on the International Criminal Court to immediately open a full investigation into the killings committed by terrorists and the Nigerian military, and ensure those responsible are held accountable, including for crimes against women and girls in Northeast Nigeria.

The organisation made the call on Friday as part of a report that focused on the war crimes, especially rape, carried out against women and girls in Borno State, Northeast Nigeria by Boko Haram insurgents.

The conflict, which is over a decade, has left over two million displaced leading to an overwhelming humanitarian crisis in the region.

More attacks are still being carried out regularly, leaving more people destitute.

According to AI’s analysis, Nigerian authorities have deliberately failed to investigate or prosecute crimes committed by both sides of the conflict.

She explained that there was a reasonable basis to believe that Boko Haram insurgents committed war crimes against humanity such as murder; rape, sexual slavery.

Other crimes committed by the group included torture, taking of hostages, intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population.

AI Nigeria Director, Ojigho noted that this is a humanitarian crisis that is getting worse day-by-day.

The Nigerian authorities and partners must act now to support those most in need, and ensure that the situation doesn’t continue to deteriorate.

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