Africa Renewable Energy Initiative Organizes Workshop In Chad

The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, in collaboration with the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative, organize regional consultation workshop from Tuesday, April 9 to April 12, at the Radisson Blu in N’Djamena on renewable energies.

The reflections carried out by 11 States of the sub-region aim to find solutions to make electricity accessible to all citizens of Central Africa. The rate of access to electricity is relatively low in the sub-Saharan zone.

Africa still faces multiple challenges in its quest to improve the well-being of its people, their development, eradication of poverty, first and lack of access to modern energy services, reliable and affordable, “said Safitou Alzouma Nouhou, director of the implementation unit (IDU).

According to the Director General of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Mahamat Zene Deker Youssouf, the aim of this initiative is to improve the rate of access of people to electricity in order to a low-carbon development, 100% universal access to electricity by 2025, compared to an average of 17% today.

Out of 170 million people in Central Africa, 125 million people do not have access to electricity. Yet, the sub-region has ample energy potential.

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