Adamawa State Government Launches Sexual Offenders Database

The Adamawa state government launched Sexual Offenders Database to ensure quick dispensation of Sexual and Gender Based Violence cases in the state.

Speaking during the event in Yola, Justice Afraimu Jingi, Attorney-General and commissioner for Justice in the state said the database would help to give information about the number of times sexual offenders commit the crime.

According to him, with the database in place, there will be no hiding place for offenders as it is linked to the national register and can be accessed by all Nigerians so that offenders can be named and shamed.

He added that in line with the desire of the state to ensure violence-free, peaceful and prosperous society, Gov. Ahmadu Fintiri signed the Violence Against Persons Prohibition law on August 30, 2021.

He said that they’re pleased to announce that full implementation of the VAPP law has started culminating in the launch of the sexual offenders database today.

The sexual offender database was designed and created with support from the European Union Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption programme,” he said.

Hapsat Abdullahi, the Adamawa coordinator of RoLAC, commended the ministry of justice for its doggedness in ensuring the VAPP law came to fruition in the state upon which the launch of SOD rests.

According to her, the launching of SOD will provide succor for survivors of SGBV and will also serve as springboard upon which perpetrators will be brought to book.

Abdullahi said with the launch of the database, Adamawa was among the few states in which the database was in operation.

She thanked the chief judge of the state for the creation of four special courts where only SGBV cases are adjudicated, noting that such will ensure efficient and effective dispensation of SGVB matters in the state.

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