About 67 Detainees Suffers With Tuberculosis In Giwa Barrack – Report

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Though the conditions of detainees at the Nigerian military facility have generally improved over the years, there is still much left to be desired.

Despite the recent release of hundreds of people, there are still over 2,500 detainees at Giwa barracks, a military detention facility in Borno State where civilians are mostly kept without trial for years in connection to the Boko Haram insurgency, according to HumAngle.

An inside source informed HumAngle that 67 of the detainees were bedridden with tuberculosis at the last check while others showed symptoms of the disease.

In the early days of the insurgency, Giwa army barracks served as a refuge for residents fleeing from violent incidents involving the infant terror group.

But, by Oct. 2012, there were already reports that it had become a facility where “Boko Haram suspects” were tortured, detained indefinitely under inhumane conditions, and prevented from communicating with lawyers or their families.

Around the period, it was nicknamed Guantánamo after a U.S. detention camp in Cuba that is similarly notorious for indefinite detention without trial and acts of torture.

Amnesty International, a human rights research and advocacy group, reported in May 2016 that scores of people died at Giwa barracks every month, including children.

He attributed the deaths to overcrowding, malnutrition, and lack of adequate water.

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