Niger Republic Bans Refined Fuel Exports To Potect Local Supply

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Niger Republic has banned refined fuel exports with immediate effect, the government says in a statement on Wednesday, in a further step to secure local supplies after it earlier limited exports.

The West African country reduced refined fuel exports by 75% in early May to protect and boost national stocks amid a global rise in fuel prices caused by the war in Ukraine.

But the government said those measures were offset by petrol stations making “fraudulent” international sales of refined fuel meant for local consumption, as well as speculating on the price of diesel and petrol, which was leading to shortages.

According our correspondent in Diffa Refined fuel exports are banned from June 1st in response to this, the Ministry of Commerce and Petrol said in a statement, adding that all concerned petrol stations had been closed.

Niger is one of few countries in West Africa that refines enough fuel for its local market from a small oil refinery with capacity of around 20,000 barrels-per-day (bpd).

Pump prices are generally lower than in neighbouring countries, particularly in the compared to Mali and Nigeria, and were not increased in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

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