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MSF Treats Over 2,465 Children For Malnutrition This Year In Borno

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By: James Bwala, Maiduguri

MSF has treated exceptionally high numbers of malnourished children throughout 2021 as the chronic vulnerability of the conflict-affected people was exacerbated by a major outbreak of measles.

A statement from the MSF revealed that these and other factors have driven hospital admissions and outpatient consultations for malnutrition to climb to levels unseen in recent years, and may signal a broader deterioration in the vulnerability of people in the region.

It is said that “So far in 2021, we have admitted 2,465 severely malnourished children for hospitalisation in our inpatient therapeutic feeding centre (ITFC) in Maiduguri.

At the same time, enrollment in our outpatient therapeutic feeding programme continues to increase, with 4,144 patients enrolled so far this year, more than 50 per cent more patients than were seen in the same period in 2020.

Out of all admissions for severe acute malnutrition, more than 80 per cent of admissions were for children living in households displaced by the ongoing conflict in Borno state.

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