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NAF Destroys Insurgents Hideouts In Sambisa Forest

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The Air Taskforce of Operation Lafiya Dole has eliminated terrorists said to be responsible for the recent attacks in Southern Borno and Adamawa states and destroyed their hideouts in Sambisa forest.

The Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Defence Headquarters Abuja, Maj Gen John Enenche revealed this on Tuesday.

Gen Enenche stressed that the air interdiction missions being conducted by the Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole has continued to deal decisive blows on terrorist elements in the North East of the Country.

According to him, the latest of these was achieved yesterday, 28 December 2020, at the heart of the Sambisa Forest in Borno State.

He said The airstrike which was executed employing a force package of Nigerian Air Force fighter jets, was carried out after series of Intelligence.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions revealed that the terrorists responsible for the recent attacks in the Southern part of Borno and Northern part of Adamawa State had originated from the location.

The Nigerian Air force attack aircraft engaged the target area in successive passes, leading to the destruction of some of their structures and logistics stores, including a suspected anti-aircraft gun station as the terrorists fired at the NAF aircraft.

o Several insurgents were also neutralized in the process.

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