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Maulud: Sheikh Khalifah Abulfatahi Appeals To FG To Address The Issue Of Poverty In The Country

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Sheikh Khalifah Aliyu Abulfatahi has appealed to the Federal Government as a matter of great importance to address the teething problems of poverty biting hard on the livelihood of the large majority of the poor masses of this country.

He also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to open job opportunity windows for the teeming unemployed youths graduating from tertiary institutions annually.

The participants include Muslim faithfuls from neighbouring countries of Sudan, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Morrocco, Mauritania, Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon Republic’s as well as neighbouring states of the country to witness the annual Maulud Nabiyyi festival that Sheikh Ahmadu Aliyu Abulfatahi Foundation organizes every year since to mark the birthday of Holy Prophet Muhammadu SAW.

He said the significance of the Maulud Nabiyyi was to celebrate the unique birth of the Messenger of God and remember his struggles, efforts, sacrifices and propagation of Islam.

Sheikh Aliyu further prayed for peace, unity and stability of the country particularly, quick return of peace and harmony back to Borno state and northeast as well as the country.

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