30 Farmers From Numan Demsa and Lamurde Constituency Benefits From One Day Training In Yola

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By Shafi’u Saleh, Yola

One day training and empowerment for woman and youths in dry season farming has come to an end were 30 farmers From the Three constituency Numan Demsa and Lamurde, were satisfying and joy towards given the opportunity to be among the benifaciaries.

The program has been powered by member representing Numan/Demsa/ Lamurde federal consitituency RT HON Kwamoti B Laori, the programs took place at Medan Teneke Hall Demsa local government areas of the state.

The royals farther his Majesty, district head of Demsa Fedelis Ali Butule, has appreciate the efforts of the member representing Numan Demsa and Lamurde at the Federal constituency Kwamoti Laori by given his people of his constituency such a great gesture and also said that the purpose intended will be done.

The majesty had assured that the member has done what is expected for every one towards helping his community members and said that his support and corporation for the member is over emphasis he then call on the other individuals to emulate him.

Guest speaker at the occasion the farm manager Adamawa communal Farm Mr Kuleino Faruk, also expressed his gratitude to the member for a kind gesture and also Admonished the benifaciris to used the items and the knowledge assiduously an to help them towards become a self centered peoples.

And he called on the other individuals to work hand in hand with the member to helps in people at all times he said that for now farming is the major way of become rich if the farmers were used the mordean way of farming this will help them to Boths their farming.

In her good will massage Madam Aginas Dan said that such a gesture of the member representing Numan Demsa and Lamurde at the Federal Constituency Kwamoti Laori has come to their aid and also call on the other individuals to emulate him and promised the items judiously.

Also speaking Madam Alis Clement Dugu said that such things should have come at the better time than now she explained that the member representing Numan Demsa and Lamurde has done something meaningful to his community And she said that this should not just be on the farming sector alone the member should exten it to order aspects And she said that she has learned a lot from this training.

The highlight of the event is the presentation of the certificate for the beneficiaries.

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