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3 More Students Died After Kebbi School Attack

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Reports coming from Kebbi State, Northwest Nigeria indicate that three more students among those abducted from the Federal Government College, Birnin Yauri on Thursday, June 17 by terrorists in the state have died.

Nigerian troops on Friday, June 18 had engaged the terrorists in a gun duel leading to the rescue of four students and a teacher. One student reportedly died from the exchange of fire.

On Saturday, a resident of Yauri was quoted by BBC as saying that three students and an injured soldier were brought from the forest.

The resident who did not identify himself said two of the dead students were females.

He added that a father to one of the female students who died said his daughter was suffering from asthma.

A father of one of the deceased students came and identified his daughter. He said she was suffering from asthma.”

So far, two teachers and five students were rescued from the terrorists and they have been transferred to Birnin Kebbi, the resident added.

One student died and five people were rescued from the terrorists by the Nigerian soldiers in an exchange of gunfire.

The Nigerian Army said, they have rescued seven people from the students abducted with 800 animals so far.

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