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2021 Hajj Pilgrims To Get Refund Of Deposits Says NAHCON

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Inspite of the cancellation of the 2021 Hajj for international pilgrims by the authority of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan has assured intending Hajj Pilgrims from the country of getting their deposits made since 2019.

The NAHCON boss gave the assurance at a One-Day seminar organised for information offices, state Public relations officers, Spokespersons and Head of media at pilgrims welfare boards by the commission.

The theme of the event ” Hajj, Communicatios and COVID-19 Pandemic”, for the participants to understand the importance of managing expectations and the backlash of the two failed Hajj season, equip them with current and timely information, sourcing accurate news through the right channel by all States information managers against the syndrome fake news.

Alhiji Zikrullah who expressed saddeness by the outbourt of the cancellation of 2021 hajj pilgrimage described the situation as ‘ near turbulence” He said, it is imperative that COVID-19 might not leave any time soon but a strong wishful thinking, however , if large percent of footbal viewers in Europe can manage this, it is better for hajj managers to take a queue on to avoid further cancellation.

He also react to the Overwhelming limited slots allocation consecutive hajj cancellation will be the solution to the next Hajj.

He further said thatThose who wish to to roll-over in anticipation of the next Hajj can retain their deposit with the state welfare boards or migrate their monies Hajj Savings Scheme with Jaiz Bank”.

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