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11 International Organisations Require $1.6 Billion (N5.76 billion) For This year’s Urgent Humanitarian Assistance in Lake Chad Region.

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The Secretary General for Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Jan Egeland has said that 11 International Organisations require $1.6 billion (N5.76 billion) for this year’s urgent humanitarian assistance in Lake Chad region.

NRC’s appeal was necessitated with nine-year conflict in the Lake Chad Basin, which has dramatically affected the lives of 11 million people.

In a statement released in Maiduguri; by council’s Media and Public Advocacy team leader, Tiril Skarskin said that the victims of conflict rely on humanitarian assistance to survive in Boko Haram insurgency affected basin.

The insurgency; as well as military operations across the four countries has displaced 2.4 million people and left five million people food insecure, while significantly reducing economic activity, said Egeland in the statement.

The conflict has taken a heavy toll on the local economies and people´s livelihoods, and has also led to a high number of civilian casualties and grave abuses, such as the recruitment of children by armed groups sexual violence and abductions.

According to him, the current security situation further impedes the humanitarian actors’ access to people in need of life-saving support. He said over 800,000 people still live in hard to reach areas with no access to humanitarian assistance, while military operations in Lake Chad Islands prohibits organizations from providing assistance to victims of conflict.

Conflict-affected families depend on the international community to put the lives of civilians over and beyond competing political agendas, such as their war on terror.

It is crucial that we maintain the necessary assistance to continue saving lives, particularly in remote field locations across Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states” said the Director of Nigeria INGO Forum, Jennifer Jalovec.

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